A Happy New Year from CATS Cambridge

A New Year means a new beginning. Here at CATS Cambridge we have lots to look forward to in the coming year, and we can’t wait to see how 2024 unfolds. However, as it draws to a close we can’t help but reflect on the fantastic year that was 2023.

Before we delve into the highlights of the year, our Principal has a quick message for all of the students, staff and families who are part of the CATS Cambridge community: 

A happy new year to everyone from us here at CATS Cambridge. We’re ringing in the new year with a sense of optimism and a reinvigorated feeling of purpose as we prepare for the arrival of university offers in our first weeks of the school term.

This makes it an exciting time for everyone here at CATS Cambridge as our senior year students are awaiting offers from the universities they applied to in the autumn. They have worked extremely hard on their applications as well as on the studying to make it all possible. We wish them all the best of luck in the coming weeks as their path to a top UK university becomes clear.

A new year offers us a chance to pause and take stock of our achievements, while setting new goals for the coming term. We’re extremely proud of our students who are stepping up and continuing the tradition of high academic performance, but also of our staff and teachers who have supported every single student along the way. We hope that at CATS Cambridge we are not only making excellent students, but strong and resilient people too.

Dominic Tomalin,
Principal, CATS Cambridge

2023 at CATS Cambridge was a fantastic year. Each of our students are leaps and bounds closer to achieving their goals and as a school community we accomplished great things.

Back in May we had the delightful opportunity to reunite with Sarah, one of our alumni.

We caught up with her to present her with a CIFE Award. The award recognises Sarah for being a brilliant student during her time at CATS Cambridge. Sarah had an exemplar attitude towards her studies. She was also kind and supportive towards her peers, teachers and other staff members. 

Sarah is currently in the middle of her studies at Brunel University London, where she is pursuing a career in medicine.

In 2023 CATS Cambridge A Level students achieved fantastic grades. A total of 71% received A-A* across at least one of their three subjects. They have each etched their name into the long list of students CATS Cambridge has proudly sent off to top universities. In 2023 this includes the University of Cambridge, University College London and Kings College, University of London.

Cambridge University
University of Cambridge
University College London
University College London
King's College, University of London

This multiple choice maths challenge encouraged our students to employ reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in mathematical technique to solve thought-provoking problems. Our gold winners qualified for the next stage of the competition, where they were met with increasingly challenging questions to puzzle out.

As we wait excitedly to see what 2024 has in store for us, we are also thankful for all of the learning, success and happiness that 2023 brought with it.

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