Mini Golf at CATS Cambridge

Join us on the CATS Cambridge (mini) Pro Tour as our usually chilled common room is transformed into a challenging and tropical miniature golf course.

We strive for excellence at all times at CATS Cambridge. This can take shape in many ways, from intellectual discussions and challenging course materials to engaging extra-curriculars and exciting trips.

This week that excellence comes in the form of working on our putting technique. In the spirit of providing our students with a range of interesting and engaging leisure activities, Phil Bond, the Panther House Director transformed the Common Room into a tropical golf course to help our students enjoy some light-hearted competition.

Long gone was the chilled area where students would go to chat with friends, scroll through their phones or read a book. Instead, Phil created a tropical island themed golf resort, complete with a nine-hole golf course.

Students arrived throughout the day, keen for a chance to test their golf skills and often their teachers weren’t far behind. It injected an immeasurable amount of fun into everyone’s day.

The mini golf itself was full of twists and turns and challenging obstacles for our golfers to overcome. Though the final hole proved next to impossible for students and teachers alike, who all found themselves putting against the ultimate challenge of hitting the ball into the opening of the tiny spiral maze, which led to the hole.  

Phil went the extra mile to turn that day into an exciting and memorable for the students at CATS Cambridge.

It was also a testament to the fact we’re not just setting up students for success academically; we’re fostering an environment where they can embrace challenges, have fun, and build skills that extend beyond the classroom, which help them to attain excellence.

Fun at CATS Cambridge

We run lots of exciting and engaging events, clubs and activities for our students to get involved with throughout the year. This helps ensure students succeeded academically, emotionally and socially as they progress through the school.

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