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Student Life at CATS Cambridge

At CATS Cambridge we are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and supportive
education environment. We understand that studying in the UK may be a very different experience for international students and over our 35-year history have created a school that makes sure all students are prepared to achieve their best.

What Students can expect at CATS Cambridge

Immersive English
All school life is conducted in English, giving every student the opportunity to master the language in both academic and social settings. Our immersive education style nurtures every student to build knowledge, become resilient and achieve the best outcomes in life.

Supportive Staff
Our academic staff team and live-in House Parents are always on hand to provide the highest standard of safety and pastoral care and help students settle into the school by creating a caring and comfortable home.

Subject Support
Students regularly engage with their teachers to assess their progress. If extra subject specific support is identified, additional sessions outside of usual lesson can be made available.

Additional Learning Support
Students are encouraged to highlight any additional learning challenges they may have. Our teachers also monitor for indicators of any challenges a student may have in their own learning.

Student Welfare

Student welfare is incredibly important to us and the school is structured to support students throughout their journey with us.

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors (PTs) are here to make sure every student is working towards their very best. Students are organised into Tutor Groups of about 15 students and meet with their PT every day. PTs assist students in all areas of college life and offer guidance on all-round development from personal well being to academic aims, targets and challenges. PT’s monitor attendance, academic progress, emotional support and the university application progress.

Student Induction

During induction we help students make Cambridge their second home. As well as introducing students to studying in the UK, we help with registration at the local doctor’s surgery, setting up bank accounts, finding the local shopping areas, bus routes and bookshops. We encourage students to make friends and sign-up for clubs and societies to further enhance their CATS Cambridge experience.

Health Centre and Counsellor

Our onsite medical staff manage the Health Centre and provide support including medicine and health advice, information on diet and healthy living, assessing and providing treatment if required, making referrals to doctors, dentists and other specialists. We have a trained counsellor on site, and our nurses can also make further referrals to support your emotional and psychological wellbeing. All boarding students are expected to register with the local Red House doctors’ surgery. They are highly experienced in looking after our students.

Supportive House Parents

We pride ourselves on our happy school community. Our team of live-in House Parents are always on hand to provide the highest standard of safety and pastoral care and help students settle into their residences by creating a caring and comfortable home. House Parent also make teachers aware of issues that happen outside of the classroom such as homesickness or trouble with homework, so every student is fully supported.


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Student Welfare

All members of staff are there to help our students. We have a dedicated Welfare Team who work closely together to ensure that appropriate support is provided when it is needed.

Our Personal Tutors and Student Services Team act as a link between subject teachers, House Parents and parents. Parents are always welcome to meet with any members of staff, and will be updated on their student’s grades every half term, receive a half-termly newsletter and a magazine twice a year.

The House System

At CATS Cambridge we understand that a sense of belonging enhances the student experience and achievement. To help students feel welcome and part of the community, we have created a house system through which students learn about how to learn, as well as how to look after yourself, work with others and make good decisions that take into account individual needs and the needs of others.


Every student at CATS Cambridge becomes a member of a House which is led by a House Director. Younger students studying GCSE or Pre-programme join Tiger House, whilst older students studying A Level and UFP qualifications join Leopard, Jaguar, Panther or Lion House.

House Competitions

Every student at CATS Cambridge becomes a member of a House. Throughout the year we hold exciting Inter-House competitions where students compete against other Houses to win House Points. Some of our competitions include:

Sports Day


Spelling Bee

Chariots of Fire

Student Council

Each Tutor Group nominates a student council representative, and each House elects a House Captain. These representatives form the student council which meets the Principal and Vice Principal twice each term.

The aims and responsibilities of the student council include enhancing the college community by ensuring students are heard and seen​, share and celebrate ideas and experiences, organise regular opportunities for charity fundraising, actively promote participation in school event and promote the school’s values.

Council members also form student led committees supported by staff. In recent years we have had committees in the following areas:

  • Diversity and culture
  • Events and fundraising
  • Newsletter and media
  • Sustainability
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Food and celebrations

outside of the classroom such as homesickness or trouble with homework, so every student is fully supported.

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