A Merry Christmas from CATS Cambridge

Christmas is nearly upon us and many of our students are travelling home to enjoy the break and celebrations with their loved ones. However, there have been lots of events and activities happening around Cambridge. This meant our students still got a chance to experience the joy of a traditional British Christmas. 

Before we dive into Cambridge’s festivities, our Principal, Dominic Tomalin, shares his season’s greetings:

“I would like to wish everyone a very happy holidays from all of us at CATS Cambridge this festive season. We’ve all been enjoying the seasonal activities in Cambridge on this long lead up to Christmas – which is the biggest holiday in the UK. Cambridge is strung with beautiful lights during December ensuring the city remains a welcoming beacon of warmth to the world.

2023 was a year of achievement, with outstanding performances from our students who have gone on to study at elite institutions such as University of Cambridge. We have worked hard to ensure that our students have the best opportunities available to them – whether that’s through our open days or one to one support – and it is always great to see everyone’s efforts pay off. For all of that, we deserve a well rested winter break before returning fresh and ready in the new year.

And with that we wish everyone a happy holidays.”

Dominic Tomalin, Principal, CATS Cambridge

How We Celebrate at CATS Cambridge

The activities and events that took place over the last few weeks were a chance for students to experience a traditional British Christmas. It is also an opportunity to enjoy an early Christmas with their friends and school community, whilst celebrating everything accomplished over the Autumn term.

Christmas Activities and Excursions at CATS Cambridge

Over the weekend of November 28th our students headed to Germany for some festive fun. Christmas Markets are one of the most beloved German Christmas traditions and our students were thrilled to participate.

Berlin is home to a huge variety of Christmas Markets which our students got the opportunity to explore alongside a tour of the historic city. They encountered dozens of food stalls, jewellery, Christmas trinkets and vendors selling so much more. They also had lots of time to soak in the local culture. Participating in a walking tour around the city students dropped in on the Berlin cathedral, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag Building, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Berlin Wall.

Our Berlin trip was definitely the highlight of the Christmas season. However, we also celebrated the holidays with a Christmas Jumper Day. Students had the chance to show off their nicest, silliest, or ugliest Christmas jumpers before settling down to watch a festive film 

Getting into the Christmas spirit even more, students banded together and got creative. Armed with cardboard and colourful pens, groups of students competed to create their own eco-friendly DIY Christmas tree. This activity had House Points on the line, so our students put in their best efforts making the most impressive recycled Christmas Tree they could.

Excellence and Innovation at CATS Cambridge

We aim to provide our students with an all-around excellent school experience both inside and outside of the classroom. This helps our students become innovated individuals and sets them up to achieve excellence here at CATS Cambridge.

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