Why is innovation in education important?

To provide the most effective ‘future-proofed’ education, we do not simply react to trends at CATS Cambridge, we make trendsetting and innovation a core part of who we are. 

As a school we are constantly looking for new ways to work with our students and discover how they can learn better and gain deeper insights into their education journey. We are fortunate to be located in the heart of the city of Cambridge and are able to benefit from one of the greatest academic communities in the world to provide excellence and innovation in education. 


We look to our history as we innovate our approach to educate the world shapers of tomorrow

Unlocking Academic Potential 

We don’t just partner with research organisations, we conduct our own research to further the effectiveness of the education we offer at CATS Cambridge. It’s not just teachers who engage in research, students also join staff in research projects to help develop academic collaboration skills which will be invaluable to them when they progress to university. 

Thought Leadership 

CATS Cambridge is proud to collaborate with CamSTAR (Cambridge, School Teachers, and Research), a network of schools who work together to support school-based teacher research and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). As part of our research work with CamSTAR, CATS Cambridge teachers undertake research projects. Recently House Director and Teacher of Art and Photography, Ruby van Veldhoven, produced Cross Cultural [Mis]Communication, a research piece examining how we can make visible (explicit) the invisible (implicit)cultural boundaries impacting the effectiveness of feedback. 

Following on from the theme of effective feedback, the CATS Cambridge Research Community recently produced an in-depth look into Adopting a Flavoursome Approach To Making Feedback Moreish. 

CATS Cambridge is an established international boarding school for ages 14+ with over 35 years’ experience in helping students progress to the top universities. Watch Principal Dominic Tomalin’s introduction to the school to find out more about our approach to education, excellence, and innovation.

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