3 Tips to Master Decision Making

Being an effective decision maker is crucial to thrive at university and beyond. Here at CATS Cambridge, we prepare our students to have confidence in their ability to make the correct choices, with a focus on personal responsibility and global citizenship.  

So, how do you become an effective decision maker? We are here to give you our top three tips so you can have the same confidence we instil in our students: 

Identify the end goal 

Identifying and understanding your goals makes it much easier to come to a decision. Once you know what you want to achieve as the outcome, deciding on those steps to get there becomes a much less daunting process. You may have multiple choices to lead you to your end goal, and now you can start accessing which option will be the best way to achieve the desired outcome.  

Understand yourself  

One of the most important ways to be an effective decision maker, is to recognise how your personality and characteristics can affect your own decision making. Perhaps arrogance, natural bias, or insecurities can have a negative impact on the way you view a situation and could lead you to ignoring the bigger picture. It is incredibly important to take accountability in these situations and recognise where you could be wrong, and others could be right, to reach a decision that will benefit the majority. 

Do your research

Before reaching a decision, it is important to be knowledgeable on the matter to make the best decision for everyone involved. There are lots of resources available that a quick google search, or a chat with an expert can provide you with so that you are more informed and confident to make the correct choice.  

Hopefully, these three tips have given you more confidence, and will encourage you to be an effect decision maker. It is incredibly important to us that our students leave CATS Cambridge with the ability to make a positive impact in whichever industry they choose to explore.  

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