Our Spring Achievements!

To mark the close of Spring term at CATS Cambridge, our Headmaster, Dominic Tomalin, hosted an end of term assembly to look back on all the schools’ achievements since January.

This assembly had many purposes. It gave students the chance to reflect on their learning from last term, to consider their goals for the next, to bid farewell to the high school term students and to celebrate all our students have accomplished throughout the spring term. During this whole-school event, many of our students received awards recognising their success in maths, table tennis and physics achievements, as well as lots of other activities! We are pleased to share that many of our students attained the Academic Endeavour Award in recognition of their fantastic dedication to learning across the curriculum. Well done everyone!

Platinum Academic Endeavour Award Winners:


Aye Mon Mon

Shwe Toe

Kyi Sin


Gold Academic Endeavour Award Winners:



Long Hin


Su Myat

Quinlan Sophia


Saad Dansadau

Wan Qi

Wan Ting

Hanna Anyanwu

Manuela Dantas

Antonio Carneiro

Silver Academic Endeavour Award Winners:

Said Ait

Ei Hnin


Khanh An

Once more, a huge congratulations for achieving such a high standard of academic excellence. Your dedication to your studies is a sign of your motivation and commitment to your journey through education.

We celebrated a lot during our assembly, from our leavers, to those who won awards for their academic commitment across various subjects and extra-curricular activities. At CATS Cambridge our students have the opportunity to get involved in lots of events and activities, which reflect their interests. This is why students have the chance to earn recognition for commitment to their passions across so many disciplines.  

We cannot wait to see what the next term brings.

Here at CATS Cambridge, staff make every effort to ensure students feel welcome, safe and happy while studying here. They run numerous clubs and activities to help students achieve this. CATS Cambridge is committed to delivering an exceptional school experience for the young people who study with us. We are incredibly proud of the hard work our students show every day and are committed to providing students with outstanding academic and pastoral support.

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