University Success: The Offers are in!

CATS Cambridge’s students have started looking towards the future as university offers arrive!

CATS Cambridge students consistently show us they are hardworking, motivated and ambitious individuals. Their incredible work ethic is particularly noticeable as they work towards attending university.

With revision to complete and exams to sit, lessons to attend and life to live, our students are busier than ever! Such demanding schedules can be hard to manage, making it easy to fall into the trap of procrastination. The simple act of reminding yourself why you are doing something can help you to refocus and boost your motivation.

We interrupted some of our busy students to ask them about their university offers:

Wan Ting has offers from The University of Manchester, Durham University and The University of Bristol.

I want to create my own business and be a business woman. I want to be successful. I have my own business plan so when I graduate I will create my start up.

Demir has offers from Durham University, The University of Manchester, City University of London and The University of Westminster to study Finance and Business.

When I graduate, I want a career as a banker or in international business. I haven’t quite decided yet.

Erida has offers from The University of Manchester, Queen Mary University of London, The University of Glasgow and Lancaster University to study Computer Science and Management.

I think mixing computer sciences like I.T. and A.I. with the business world is something that will further the development of my country and other places.

Viyaleta has offers from The University of Edinburgh, The University of Manchester, The University of Bristol and Kings College London to study Maths and Philosophy.

I haven’t thought about my career much, but I think I’ll do something connected to maths as that’s my main course.

Ihor has offers from The University of Manchester, The University of Bath, The University of Surrey and Queen Mary University of London to study Business Management.

I want to go home and continue my family business.

Edward has offers to study at The University of Cambridge, King's College London, The University of Warwick and Durham University.

I want to become a physicist. I want to study at Cambridge because their teaching is world class. I’m hoping to meet a lot of fantastic new people!”

Many of our students dream of attending a top university. We aim to give them every advantage in achieving university success through our enhanced package of application support, which prepares students for all aspects of the admissions process. On top of this, we offer additional support for students looking to attend Oxbridge, including a mock interview to help students prepare for the selection interview. Through our Key Professionals Programme we give tailored support to students pursuing Oxbridge or seeking degrees in particularly competitive STEAM fields. Students receive comprehensive support throughout the university application process to make sure they are confident in their application.  

CATS Cambridge is committed to delivering an exceptional school experience for the young people who study with us. We are incredibly proud of the hard work our students show every day and are committed to providing students with outstanding academic and pastoral support.

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