CATS Cambridge Alumni Event Success

Five of our alumni strolled back through the doors of CATS Cambridge on a sunny Friday morning. After signing in, they were warmly welcomed back by CATS Cambridge Principal, Dominic Tomalin, who also saw them through their own studies years before.

“It was wonderful to host our past students back on campus. They have each had very different journeys since leaving us, and the sharing of their experiences has been invaluable to our current students. What is particularly pleasing is that they have all become global citizens, something we aspire to nurture at CATS Cambridge. I am very hopeful that they will return to their school again in the future, and that other alumni will also feel encouraged to do so.”

Dominic Tomalin,
Principal, CATS Cambridge 

Reunited with each other and some of their favourite members of staff, the alumni headed to the Reading Room. There they enjoyed a continental breakfast spread, while they reminisced and caught up with their favourite teachers and old friends.

After a wonderful start to the day the alumni got to work. They headed to the CATS Cambridge lecture theatre, nostalgia setting in as they navigated the familiar corridors. Once there they took their seats as current Year 12 students filtered into the room.


Through an engaging speech by Dominic Tomalin, current students were introduced to our alumni:

Yuliia from Ukraine, graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Mathematics. Yuliia is a Master by research in Algebraic Topology and Topological Data Analysis.

Elif Duru from Turkey, graduated from the University of Manchester with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. Elif Duru is currently employed as a Lead Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. 

Harold from China (Shanghai), graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc and MSc in Accounting and Finance. Harold is currently employed as a Public Sector Auditor by Ernst & Young.

Deinso from Nigeria graduated from Lancaster University with an MEng in Mechanical Engineering. Deinso is currently employed as a Project Manager Graduate at United Utilities.

Megan from Malaysia graduated from King’s College London with an LLB in Law. Megan is currently employed as a Legal Product Developer at Verifi. 

Following their introduction the alumni broke out into five rooms, where they were joined by our Year 12 students. The alumni shared, in more detail, their journeys through university and how they landed the impressive careers they work in today.

From discussing study tactics at university, tips to gain work experience and how they broke into niche or competitive industries, our current students got to pick the brains of young people, who only a few years ago were sitting in the same classrooms as them and learning the same lesson from the same teachers.

It was an incredibly insightful, informative and inspiring event for our current students, who got an exciting glimpse at what life as a CATS Cambridge Alumni looks like.  

Educational Excellence

At CATS Cambridge our young people receive an excellent educational experience that teaches them valuable skills and sets them on a positive trajectory for university and their future careers.

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