School Alumni Returns To Offer Advice For CATS Cambridge Students

One of the great pleasures of the school is not only helping students achieve their academic dreams, but also when they come back with their stories of success. We were recently visited by Angel, a CATS Cambridge student who went on to study at University College London. We had a chance to sit down with Angel and discuss how she felt about the school looking back and what her advice to current students would be.

How does it feel to come back?

Excited, it’s really good.  It’s especially good to see Martin.


What have you been up to?

UCL Management Science undergrad (2:1) and now postgrad My undergrad was difficult due to the pandemic, but my masters was better, with more chances for networking and the lectures were excellent, including guest speakers.


Has CATS Cambridge helped?

CATS education was more suitable for my way of learning. My subject choices passed into university, and I found it very useful to have a grounding in these subjects as they all applied to my degree directly.  The most important factor was the learning methods I gained from CATS which really worked at university.


What does the future look like for Angel?

One more year of study as Master of Management Science at UCL then I want to find a job in the finance sector and investment banking.

Anything you want to say to your teachers?

I remember that when I began my education, I found it hard to understand, but I kept asking questions and my teachers were very patient and supportive with helping me develop in my English and my subject knowledge and skills. Martin taught me how to make clear effective presentations and I still use this skill today.

Any advice for current students?

Focus on cultivating your study methods as this will help you at university when there is less direct support and more self-learning. Report writing at university uses the skills that I learned from my lessons at CATS Cambridge. Thank you to all my teachers, especially Martin, who made me love Physics.


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