Back to school: Three top tips to get organised and motivated for the new term!

We know getting back into your school routine can be daunting after a long holiday break, so here are our top organisation and motivation tips to help combat those holiday habits and get you back into study mode! 

Set your goals

Setting goals to achieve throughout the academic year is a great way to motivate yourself when heading back to school. These goals don’t just need to be academic focussed; such as “achieve good grades” or “get into a good university,” you can set multiple smaller goals, tick them off one by one, and get that satisfying achievement complete feeling! For example, “I want to explore a new hobby” or “I want to make some new friends” are great ways to start the new year. 

Fix your sleep routine

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for feeling prepared and motivated for the school day. We know it can be difficult to avoid endless TikTok scrolling or binging your latest Netflix show, but there are lots of ways you can begin to wind down earlier for a restful night’s sleep. Instead of a Netflix series, you could listen to an audiobook, or find a relaxing music playlist to switch your brain off gradually for an undisturbed sleep. Whichever way works best for you, begin doing this as early as you can so you can get in the habit quickly and avoid waking up late or being tired and unfocused in lessons. 

Once you’ve been given your lesson plan you can begin to organise around them and stick to a study schedule. Make sure you plan in time for homework, extra study time, and free time. It’s important to not overload yourself with work and make sure you have time to do things you enjoy, such as socialising with friends, or catching up with your family back home. 

At CATS Cambridge, we are always there to support our returning and new students at the beginning of term and throughout the academic year. If you are struggling to keep organised or find motivation, our teachers and staff are always available to help you get back onto your path to success.

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